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Established in 2008 by two experienced recruiters, we now have a strong team of knowledgeable and passionate consultants (all of whom are former PAs) who understand the challenges of finding the perfect client-candidate match.

People are at the forefront of our business. We develop strong relationships with our clients and work in partnership to find bespoke and flexible recruitment solutions. We support, mentor and guide our candidates through their job search to assist them on their chosen career path.

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15th May 2012


Never Ever…..

It’s never a good idea to lie about your salary, especially when your P45 will tell your new employer what your earnings have been in the year to date.
If you want to negotiate your salary, wait until you have bee offered the job and then think about a reason why the new job should pay more. For example you may need a larger salary due to increased travel expences.

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2nd May 2012


CV tip….

Always write your CV in first person. Never write about yourself in the third person

For Example…

You should write:
I am a highly motivated individual.

You should NOT write:
Lisa is a highly motivated individual.

We know it is your CV because your name is at the very top, so you don’t need to keep reminding us. It also gives the impression that someone has written it for you, which can suggest that you don’t have much confidence in selling yourself.

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21st March 2012


CV tip…..

Occasionally people write their CVs so briefly that they do nothing but put their job title. Other people get stuck on trying to tell the reader absolutely everything. The right concoction is to give the reader just enough information to start believing in what you have to offer, leaving them plenty to ask when they interview you. If you can achieve that, you have effectively set up the questions they are going to ask which then gives you the chance to practice giving the perfect answer.

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6th March 2012


Interview Prep…..

Try to refrain from smoking before an interview……Your best bet is to have your last cigarette before you have a shower.

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27th February 2012


Interview Prep..

Before your interview, try to remember a specific time when you went that ‘Extra Mile’. It could have been a difficult situation that you faced and by using your initiative and passion for client care; you had overcome the problem and your actions had affected the outcome in a positive light.

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